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Integrated Mass Notification System

HQE offers a full line up of electronic notification software, indoor and outdoor mass notification systems technologies. As the leading mass notification systems solutions provider, HQE is able to provide your organization with the right solution for the immediate and longterm requirements.

  • Electronic Notification Software
  • Indoor Notification Solutions
  • Outdoor Notification Solutions

HQE has leveraged its years of research and development collaboration with the Department of Defense (DoD) to create a state-of-the-art command and control software designed to meet all of your mass notification needs. The SMART electronic mass notifications (EMNS) software is powered by machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence and is engineered to provide the highest level of security using military-grade protocols.

The SMART mass notification software can be utilized as a standalone electronic mass notification software, or integrated with the SMART backbone command and control system to manage both indoor and outdoor notification solutions. Moreover, the SMART command and control software has recently been upgraded to provide integration with all electronic security systems, allowing for the creation of a unified life safety and security system.

SMART Electronic Mass Notification System (EMNS) Software can be offered as an On-Premise or Cloud Based solution.

  • The EMNS software is capable of sending simultaneous alert notifications to:
    • FEMA IPAWS Alerts
    • SMS Text
    • Voice Calls /
    • VoIP Phone Calls
    • Emails
    • Mobile App Push Notifications
    • Social Media Page Updates
    • Indoor Notification Speakers
    • Digital Signs & TVs
    • Wall Mounted Beacons

Our indoor notification solution offers instant alert notifications through multiple channels, making it suitable for any organization – from small office spaces to large corporate skyscrapers/campuses. The system can also be integrated across multiple sites, spanning across the entire county.

The indoor notification technology is designed using SMART integrations technology developed by HQE. We recognize that each indoor space is unique to the type of business it is, and our system is tailored to cater to specific space requirements, regardless of the business type. Ultimately, our indoor notification solution is designed to save lives.

HQE’s indoor notification solutions can incorporate pre-existing solutions on-site or can be provided as a completely new system to help save lives.

  • Our indoor notification solutions include:
    • Integration into the overhead paging system
    • Connection to all network digital screens
    • Tie-in to the fire alarm panels
    • Workstation screen takeover
    • Cable TV alerts
    • Wall-mounted digital alert tablets
    • Personal Wearable Panic Buttons
    • Wall-mounted or Hidden Panic Buttons
    • VoIP Phone Integration
    • Visual / Audio Strobe Speakers

HQE provides high-quality outdoor warning sirens that ensure clear and intelligible voice and tone alert notifications.

  • The sirens come with high-powered speaker arrays (HPSA) that can cover both small and large areas.
  • The outdoor warning sirens can be configured based on specific requirements.
  • The sirens are available as a mobile solution (trailered), non-penetrating stand mounted (roof, parking lots, etc.), or permanently mounted (on poles).
  • Sirens can communicate on Satellite, Radio (VHF/UHF), Cellular (3G/4G/5G/LTE), LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, IP, and Customized Secure Mesh Networks.
  • HQE’s team is experienced in working with legacy outdoor sirens and integrating them into modern

HQE’s outdoor warning sirens are crafted from durable, weather-resistant. These outdoor warning sirens are trusted by all Department of Defense (DoD) services and many federal, state, and local governments. The outdoor warning sirens can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Early warning for tornadoes
  • Integration with the earthquake alert system
  • Tsunami/hurricane warning system
  • Campus outdoor notification solutions
  • Wide area system for sports stadiums
  • Alerting system for public parks
  • Outdoor notification for university campuses
  • Notification for large corporate or government campuses
  • Mobile emergency management (mobile siren trailer)
  • Notification for traffic incidents (mobile siren trailer)
  • Emergency response in remote areas (mobile siren trailer)
  • Mass notification during civil unrest (trailer)


We Maximize Your Resources.

Being a brand agnostic solutions provider, HQE is able to integrate new capabilities with your existing system. Our approach to solutions building consider the systems already in place and to do our best to utilize them and NOT to just rip them all out.

Previous Investments

We do our best to incorporate your systems previously purchased.

Smart Integrations

We integrate to ensure simplicity and effectiveness is maximized.

Saves Time

Our approach to solution building will save you time.

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Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can assist you in all phases of your Mass Notification project. From Design, Planning, Installation, Integrations, and Maintenance, our SMEs are here to help! Contact us.

On Premise
A low cost and simple to maintain on premise central control unit can be provided for any size organization.

Military Encryption
All of the solutions offered from HQE are 256 BIT Advance Encryption Secure in compliance with military grade security.

From Any Device
Our Mass Notifications solutions can be managed, activated, and monitored from any device (mobile, workstation, laptop, & tablets).

Our Emergency Mass Notification solution can be provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

Unlimited Integrations
Integrate in all of your other mass notifications and management systems into a single smart portal.

Unlimited Scaling
Upgrade or add additional indoor and outdoor solutions into the main system with ease.


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