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April 19, 20220

Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

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As internet penetration deepens, cybercrime rates are soaring. So much so that the number of reported data breaches in February of this year alone surpassed five million. Alongside this rise in cyber attacks, global cybersecurity spending is estimated to have exceeded $1 trillion over the period from 2017 to 2021. And by the end of 2022, the information security market alone is expected to grow to some $170 billion.

While cybercriminals are continuing to improve their tactics and approaches, cybersecurity trends in 2022 are showing a shift towards more proactive internal strategies. While it’s still early to tell which solutions will prove most effective against breaches and hackers, here are some of the cybersecurity trends gaining the most attention today:

Reducing supply chain issues

While there’s been much written about the physical supply chain experiencing historic interruptions, the cybersecurity supply chain has had its own issues. Currently, cybersecurity code used in most infrastructure is experiencing vulnerabilities due to its roots in open-source projects. This means that while current updates may be more advanced, the code’s skeleton is still vulnerable to sophisticated hackers.

This concern has made fortifying the cybersecurity supply chain a key priority for many cybersecurity investors. In fact, investments in technologies that audit and offer penetration tests were among the most well-received in cybersecurity startups in 2021. This year, with more than $2 billion worth of cybersecurity improvements outlined in a new infrastructure bill, the cybersecurity supply chain is expected to patch its more outdated foundations.

Disaster recovery planning

While some cyber attacks aim to hold assets “hostage” until payments are made, others create more insidious, sometimes irreparable damage. For instance, in December of last year, a government agency in the UK responsible for determining extreme flood warnings suffered a cyber attack. This resulted in dozens of critical weather alert programs and files being lost for good.

These incidents can be extremely dangerous, so more organizations are prioritizing disaster recovery plans (or DRPs). DRPs are developed by information security analysts who specialize in monitoring, investigating, and protecting all things cybersecurity –– meaning they are designed comprehensively, such that organizations can continue to operate even in an emergency. DRPs arranged and overseen by the aforementioned professionals are also specially designed to fast-track data recovery and breach investigations. As such, mission-critical operations can continue without fear of further damage as compromised data are dealt with simultaneously.

DRPs represent a direct improvement on earlier breach strategies that were more reactive rather than proactive.

Enhanced cloud security

As widespread adoption of cloud-based technology continues, entities ranging from mom-and-pop stores to video gaming empires, to healthcare providers have had to upgrade their security practices. To prevent malware and ransomware attacks from compromising an entire complex computing environment, cloud-based security-as-a-service (or SECaaS) solutions are expected to gain popularity.

Often provided by managed services providers (MSP) or managed security services providers (MSSP), security-as-a-service provides holistic end-to-end support that can fortify a cloud network without compromising internal accessibility or convenience. The notion of creating more nuanced cloud security branches is also expected to gain traction among businesses choosing to bridge legacy systems with the modern cloud. In these cases where sustainable pathways for data to travel back and forth are offered, cybersecurity services mitigate the risk that breaches from human error or legacy system weaknesses will affect the cloud.

Ethical AI application

From online shopping to virtual assistants, artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded and shows no signs of slowing down. Using innovative defensive and offensive programming, AI is now expected to become an advantageous tool for the rapid development of cybersecurity strategies.

Since AI never sleeps, it can drastically reduce the average time it takes to contain a breach (which as of now is about 80 days). However, despite total AI investments reaching almost $78 billion last year, 2022 is seeing a demand for more ethical AI rollouts. Since AI in cybersecurity requires that programs be given access to troves of sensitive information, many are calling for more transparency and neutrality in related practices.

With ethics in AI already representing a significant subject of concern among experts, there is now a growing focus on the need to reduce biases in data analysis. Case in point, UNESCO has recently called for AI to receive more diverse data sets and to be more open about their decision-making processes. Through this change, it is expected that AI will become truly objective and accurate.

So long as data is online, malicious individuals will continue to try to exploit the situation for personal gain. Thus, the importance of cybersecurity is only expected to increase from here. With hackers targeting providers, consumers, and agencies alike, keeping updated with cybersecurity trends should be a priority for everyone. 


By Patti Firenze 

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