Outdoor Mass Notification Systems

When you are sending emergency communications, outdoor open areas are best served by voice notification. Pre-recorded messages often fall short of providing people with specific information. Likewise, unrehearsed live voice is onerous and can be challenging and stressful in a crisis situation. Customers have found that when using live public address systems, communication often comes across unintelligible when amplified due to several factors including accents, voice inflections, fast or slow cadence, or improper enunciation. These factors can lead to a garbled message, creating more confusion and chaos in the event of an emergency.

HQE offers breakthrough text-to-speech technology embedded in a high power speaker array (HPSA) to overcome these challenges. HQE can override your existing outdoor HPSA or design a new system to cover your campus, base, or facility outdoor areas with siren tones and clear voice messages. HQE outdoor self-amplified high power speakers and low powered self-amplified speakers are also available should a HPSA not be suitable for your location.

Key Features

  • Innovative Text-to-Speech Technology: Dynamic text-to-speech technology provides clearly annunciated emergency notifications that can easily be heard over siren systems

  • Cost Effective: Users can easily upgrade their system as needed or leverage existing infrastructure

  • Secure: Software is certified to be behind Department of Defense firewalls, making this system one of the safest and most secure options available

  • Reliable: IP/wired solution offers a reliable solution that isn’t limited by WiFi connectivity; system includes battery backup and is continually monitored

  • Modern Design: Lightweight, aerodynamic design is easy to install and withstands wind gusts

Outdoor Self-Amplified High Power Speaker

The outdoor self-amplified high power speaker is a cost effective option that is easy to install. This specially shaped horn is made of aluminum alloys and stainless steel with all electronics integrated into one unit. It combines the functionality of a sophisticated electronic siren with compact dimensions. It can be used both indoors and out, in noisy production halls, and a variety of other areas. A powerful 100 W pressure loudspeaker provides high-quality clear voice messages to the desired areas. The electronics of the siren, including a battery and 100W audio amplifier, are embedded in a weather tight box made of aluminum and stainless steel.

High Power Speaker Array

The HPSA provides both alerting siren tones and clear intelligible voice messages to alert the public of an imminent or active threat. The HPSA is one of many components in the HQE multi-model alerting solution and can be configured to meet your organization’s alerting needs. The HQE HPSA consists of two basic components, the acoustic radiators (or sound baffles) and electronic control.

Acoustic Radiators

The acoustic radiator, or sound baffles, consists of a “horn” type loudspeaker and hyperbolic sound baffle. The arrangement of the loudspeakers can be varied to change the acoustic contours and coverage areas. The sound baffles are made of a special aluminum alloy so that their durability is maximized and their weight minimized. They are almost always installed outside and can withstand the direct exposure of weather (sun, rain, snow, wind, etc.).

Electronic Control

All siren electronics are integrated in a box made of stainless steel. The box is protected against unauthorized access or siren control by two locks and a door sensor connected to the control unit.

Speaker Compatibility and Configuration

You’ve decided that your organization may need outdoor emergency messaging but you don’t know where to start. That’s ok. HQE can help you determine the correct number and location of outdoor speakers and can perform a preliminary acoustical study to predict the sound coverage of each speaker. We will take into account the areas that you would like covered with clear voice, topographical changes, vegetation, building heights, ambient noise, and several other factors to optimally place the speakers. HQE also integrates and is compatible with a number of outdoor mass notification speaker options, including but not limited to HPSA towers from ATI, Whelen, Federal Signal, American Signal, and Cooper Notification.

Our speakers can be set up in several configurations, depending on the desired acoustic coverage area. The most common arrangement of speakers include:

  • “8” Shape“F” Shape“O” Shape“O” shape: elliptical characteristic arrangement

  • “F” shape: directional characteristic arrangement

  • “8” shape: figure eight characteristic arrangement


Outdoor Self-Amplified High Power Speaker

  • 100W audio amplifier

  • Assembly weight of 23 lbs

  • 30 minute continuous sound (on battery backup), 120 minute speech

  • Working temperature range of -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C


High Power Speaker Array

  • The core of the HPSA consists of a control module, amplifier modules (amplifier output is 2 x 150W), a power supply unit, and a battery charger

  • The electronics of the siren are fed from two 12V maintenance-free batteries, which are continuously recharged from a 230/120V circuit

  • Battery capacity depends on the number of amplifiers used (i.e., from siren output). Batteries are capable of ensuring 72-hour siren operation following a power failure (and can last weeks in standby mode). Additional standby time can be added if necessary.

  • Faults from the electronics are detected by an Alert Beacon that communicates back to the HQE system. The Alert Beacon also activates the siren system providing a siren tone and clear text-to-speech messaging.

  • Ability to connect local audio signal inputs, including a local microphone or other local signal sources

  • Separate audio amplifiers with extremely high power efficiency

  • Enhanced automatic testing routines

  • “Silent” siren tests to ensure system functionality without disturbing the public

  • Storage of all the important events related to siren activities in the internal memory

  • Intelligent battery charging; optimization based on modern algorithms to prolong battery life

  • 8 programmable digital/analogue inputs

  • 8 programmable digital outputs

  • 2 RS232 ports

  • – 25 to 70 C operating range

  • System drives off of batteries, not directly off AC power supply

  • Stainless steel, weather-tight cabinet

  • Durable sound baffles made of a lightweight aluminum alloy