HQE Campus Alert

Many campuses share the challenge of how to alert faculty/staff, students, and visitors throughout sprawling facilities in the absence of an in-building public address system.  The HQE Emergency Mass Notification System is designed to help overcome this challenge.  It compliments your distributed recipient/outcall notification system to ensure effective timely warnings when personal cell phones are turned off or encounter severe latency due to tower congestion, or simply when emails may go unseen or have network transmission delays.


  • Affordable to retrofit buildings with reliable emergency communications
  • Streamlines emergency notification process with unified command and control of all facility alerting modalities
  • Zoned notification to ensure relevant and actionable alerts to protect life and property
  • Compliments distributed recipient / outcall notification systems to overcome carrier latency and throughput congestion
  • Integrated with most leading distributed recipient / outcall notification systems for single-step activation
  • Ensures compliance with NFPA72, HEOA, ADA, UL, and other related codes
  • Leverages existing infrastructure and underutilized assets for a high return on investment

System Activation

The HQE Emergency Notification can be easily activated through a variety of methods including a graphical browser-based user interface (with GIS capabilities), most third-party mass notification software, Common Alert Protocol (CAP) compliant systems, and filtered automated feeds.  Notifications are securely encrypted and delivered wirelessly or wired via IP network, FM radio subcarrier / RBDS, and telemetry paging, among other methods.